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SHARON McCORMICK DESIGN provides a unique luxury design service for discerning clients who appreciate beauty, quality and comfort.  Enhancing an individual’s experience within their home is achieved through a professional process with special attention paid to even the smallest details.  The firm’s objective is to create a customized home that is both beautiful and functional, thoughtfully and successfully planned to accommodate and enhance the client’s distinctive lifestyle.

Over the last fifteen years, Sharon McCormick has worked at refining the business of interior design, gearing her practice to function concurrently with her clients’ busy, career driven lifestyles.  The result is a streamlined methodology which yields calculable positive results. Clients are able to make decisions efficiently and effectively, and projects are kept within budget and to a scheduled timeline.  The firm’s most important role is to act as advocates for its clients, circumventing costly mistakes and maximizing the homeowner’s time by carefully administering the project with a well-trained critical eye.  Workmanship is held to the highest possible standards, and our integrated team of contractors and artisans represent the best in the business.

Sharon McCormick Design serves clients in the United States and abroad.

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